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Cuthbert Compton

Cuthbert Compton

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal

Love leaves memories no one can steal


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  1. Veronica

    My dearest brother cuthbert you were an inspiration to us all. You were there for us through joy and sorrow. I will never forget all the help that you gave us and the love and laughter that you showed. Growing up you always made me laugh, when you was being mischievous, mother would say you have taken all your tricks from our uncle Leonard. Sweet brother, we will never forget you. Rest in the piece of Christ. Love always your loving sister Veronica & family xxxxx

  2. Agnes compton

    Dear brother you may be gone, but you have left an empty void in our lives. I know that you were suffering a lot, but you never complained. You meant so much to me with your lovely smile and a wicked laugh that would cheer up anyone. You may be gone, but your memory lives on. Goodbye dear brother. Love you always. Agnes xxxx

  3. Kenn Jordan

    So sorry to hear of your loss

  4. Don Jordan

    I remember granny always looking forward to seeing you and wanting you to sit next to her when the family came to visit, the quick witted humour you had together always made us laugh. I am sure our Dads are together laughing and catching up on old times, two beautiful and peaceful men gone before their time and will always be remembered with great fondness.

  5. Agatha Jordan (Weana)

    With your mischievous smile and sense of humour, you’ve always made me laugh.
    You were kind, you never seem to mind lending a hand to those in need.
    You were wise, you knew right from wrong, even though you made poor Woodow run like hell because he thought you were a ghost
    You were patient, I will never forget those beautiful paintings you did, and you never thought they were “all that”.
    You were loving, you illustrated your love for others and your family near and far.

    Sadly you couldn’t spend your last days here in Carriacou, but my dearest friend your beautiful spirit will live here forever.
    I will forever treasure the precious memories you gave me.
    Rest in Heavenly Peace my dear, gone but never forgotten.

    Ps. Give Mum and Nev a hug for me..

  6. Glenn Jordan

    Heartfelt condolences for the loss of Cuthbert. The fond memories of his warming smile has become a treasure. Our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

  7. Roland Allick

    I remember that ever pleasant warm smile you always had, which was infectious. I always looked forward to seeing you as the jokes, and your sense of humor was special as only you could do. Kindness, generosity, Loving, helpful, smart, is just a few of the words that describe what an incredible person Cuthbert was.

    You will always be remembered fondly and with much love. I know you have carried the same qualities with you and I can just imagine the amount of laughter and joy where you are.

  8. Pam Allick

    You never called me by no other name than ‘ Cousin Pam.’ You made me smile just hearing your voice and listening to the stories you told which was like nothing I have heard before.
    I will miss that sense of understanding you had, you always knew how to cheer someone up, as only you could. You will always be in my heart.




    IT Always sad loseing someone dear to us, Cuthbert you were an inspiration to all, weather you were happy or in pain there was always a smile, Every one who knew you had a story to tell, the mischiefs you got up to you even got me roped in to some of them,the funny jokes you told, we all missed you very much,
    Say hello to the folks up there, May you rest in peace.

  11. Sue & Doug

    Its allways sad when someone we know is taken away from us, but not the memories and those of Mr Compton is that smile when he sees you. Such a soft spoken kind gentle man. He and his family have been such wonderful friends and neighbours for many many years. He was a brilliant artist and its sad that I didn’t get to see all his paintings, but a copy of one which I see everyday is what the Compton family presented to my parents (now sadly departed ) and that now hangs in my lounge and is a constant reminder of him & his family allways.
    Here is a poem my father wrote years ago and it’s to all the Compton family. ” Do not forever grieve for our loved ones sadly departed. Do not forever be broken hearted. For tho it seems they are far apart. They are always near, in mind and heart. So stop your tears, cease your sorrow. Things will look brighter on the morrow. Remember when the new day starts. They will be near, in mind and heart.

  12. Pauline Roberts

    Cousin Cuthbert how do I begin to describe how much I miss you. The wonderful person you were and the beautiful memories you gave me. I cherish the excitement that I had when I was younger wanting to hear the stories you had to share with us; of when you were growing up and the constant mischief that you got up to. A practical joker who made people laugh. No matter how much pain you suffered in life, you found the funny side to life’s challenges and adversities. A true Saint whose personality out shined the brightest star. You had several purposes in life and although you may not have known it I think you fulfilled them all. The biggest being the love, laughter and big heart you shared.
    I am so grateful that you were a big part of my life.
    Love you always Pauline & family XXxx

  13. Maria warrick

    My dear uncle and godfather, I was very saddened to hear of your passing. But I will always remember your jokes, and the way that you and mum would talk about your childhood memories. How close you were to mum and Auntie Agnes was so wonderful. A very generous gentleman. You will always be in my prayers, and I will never forget you. Thank you for being there for us. R.I.P… Maria xxxxxxx

  14. sandra Warrick

    Dear Uncle Cuthbert,
    My heart misses you dearly. What can I say, there are no words. Your passing to God was a terrible shock, but an acceptance of life’s next journey. The journey you undertake!
    I will miss our laughs and anecdotes over the phone. For some reason perhaps your spirit was with me at the time, but I recall when we used to dance at past gatherings. Always the gentleman. Now Uncle you can dance for eternity. Memories are very precious when kept alive.
    We miss your visits, laughs and your own mischief memories with Mum and your siblings. I personally thank you for your support and advice. I will remember with much affection and admiration. I send my love, endless prayers and kisses to you.
    With many blessings. Sandra xxxxxxx

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